The wealthy save gold to protect their assets.

Most of the world population has never had the resources to save real gold bullion.  Historically, it has been a privilege reserved only for the wealthy, and make no mistake, wealthy people, central banks and governments save gold. Gold is security.

Extraordinarily, in North America, we’re not really taught financial literacy in school, how the banking systems work or how to secure our assets, if we’re lucky enough to have accumulated any! If you are just now learning about gold and financial systems, don’t feel bad, that’s not unusual.

Gold has a store of value and it cannot be printed. 

Gold has an amazing history of over 5,000 years. Since ancient times, gold has been an important raw material, a recurring base of currency and trade. It has been exchanged as currency for thousands of years and it has a proven store of value. Paper currencies do not. Inflation degrades traditional savings accounts by reducing the purchasing power of paper currency.

“You can’t hack gold, digitally delete or erase gold and you can’t infect it with a computer virus…Gold’s resilience in times of turmoil has been proven time and time again.” – James Rickards, Author of the New  Case for Gold and founder of the James Rickards Project

How do you buy gold? 

Gold_bullion_2Less than 1% of the world owns gold. While it’s relatively easy to purchase stock in gold mines, there are some difficulties with accumulating physical gold.

  • It’s heavy – one gold bar is 12.4 kilograms (about 27 pounds)
  • It is not easy to store or to ship & it’s expensive to purchase – one gold bar would be worth about 1/2 million US dollars
  • Bullion dealers don’t offer quantities smaller than one ounce
  • One ounce of gold is still expensive, about $1300 US dollars

Private issue gold by the gram

Karatbars International has been empowering people in 120 countries save in gold by the gram since 2011. No other E-commerce company offers 999.9 pure gold bullion in 1, 2.5 or 5 gram weights with the same features at a better price.


No other company offers CASHGOLD, a concept that is transforming. Produced in a form similar to a bank note for ease of transporting and security, it is available 4 different weight values of gold: 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g.


Free accounts

Karatbars accounts are free! Unlike your banking institution that charges you monthly, annual and transactional fees to store and then access your own funds, you can log in and register your free gold savings account with no annual fees, no minimum monthly transactions.  You can transfer gold from account to account, and your gold storage is free! Your gold savings account is discreet, private and your gold accumulation is not registered to any government.

If you want to start saving gold, you can set up auto-save and for less than $25/week, you  can start saving pure gold, hedge yourself against inflation and secure real generational wealth for your descendants.

*NOTE* Auto-save is not required…we prefer to pay ourselves first & use the auto-save to “set it and forget it” but as life ebbs and flows, you also have the opportunity to change your savings arrangements as it makes sense for you, without penalty.