Save in gold & crypto-currency backed by real gold bullion.

Share how to do it with others. Get compensated. 

Simply signing up for a free gold savings account qualifies you to start earning referral commissions. Seriously. Karatbars pays referrals, even if you haven’t bought into one of the business packages. More lucratively, business packages are offered at different levels, each with its own commission structures and marketing materials. Launch your business full time, part time or casually – the beauty of this business is that you get to do it all on your own terms. There are no minimum monthly fees – just work your business at whatever speed makes sense for you, or not at all if you prefer just to be a customer!

Low Start Up Costs for Affiliates 

You can get started with no cash investment! There are no monthly or annual fees or minimum qualifying sales required to maintain your Affiliate status. Once an Affiliate, always an Affiliate. There are more lucrative packages available, of course, but you can legitimately get started without any financial commitment.

Compensation Plan

Affiliates are paid weekly & all earnings are loaded onto your own Karatbars Mastercard. Compensation is earned for personal sales, team sales and from bonus opportunities – there are several ways to earn with Karatbars and no monthly overhead.



With Karatbars, Affiliates are able to participate in incentive programs from earning t-shirts to cash, cars, European Villas and team trips. The rewards are always fun and just another perk of being an Affiliate.

Work From Home

If you choose to pursue the business opportunity, all you really need to get started is a computer, a little ambition and a phone. Our team offers ongoing, hands-on support and we get together regularly. For those that prefer to work independently, regular webinars and other ongoing online supports are readily available.