Beyond cryptocurrency, for those that love the idea of holding pure physical gold bullion – Karatbars makes it afforable with 1, 2.5, and 5 gram minted 24 karat 99.9% pure gold ingots from LBMA accredited refineries embedded in secure cards. In addition to the classic products, Karatbars also offers collector cards, gold coins, custom branding cards, and gold merchandise.

Classic Karatbar
Classic Karatbar (4)

Available in 1, 2.5 and 5 gram weights. The gold ingot is heat sealed into a credit-card sized card. The card itself serves as the certificate of authenticity and the embossed hologram, a security feature. Available in one time only purchases, or through auto-save options.

Karatbars Gold Coin

karat_GOLD_Coin_1gramThis beautiful gold coin is the perfect gift for traditional coin collectors. Diameter of 35.1 mm, approximate thickness of 2.2 mm. Coloured outer ring Brass MS 63, silver inner ring Nickel Silver and gold middle 1 gram 999.9 gold.

Multi-Gram Card 

prd_1412638982_3554925754Multi-gram card (2)

Designed for gold enthusiasts looking to save more than 1 gram at a time. The multi-gram card features one hundred 1 gram gold ingots. Karatbars Affiliates will be able to offer a discount on this product vs. single gram purchases.

Gold Gift Cards

Gift cards for a wide variety of events are available. Choose from 1 gram individual cards of bundles of 6 x 0.1 gram cards. Special events like Easter, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Thank-You, Christmas and Love are just a few of the themes.

prd_1456454598_5906520619 prd_1456454598_2912001981NEW in the gift category is “MY FIRST GOLDEN YEAR” Collector Karatbar designed for new babies. This adorable and practical gift collection allows you to start investing in baby’s first year with memories and gold. Includes a baby book and collection of 0.1 gram or 1 gram Karatbars.

3D Collector Cards 

3D collector cards

The stunning metallic finish with fine engraving on these gift cards creates a unique 3D effect. Made of high end aluminium and available with 4 different salutations – “Good Luck”, “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations” and “I Love You.”

Many others, including custom branding Cards are available.